Blessing in “De Skies”

I look back at the clock 9:37 p.m. “How the fuck are we still in traffic” We had left your brothers about an hour ago And still had yet made it to the Woodrow Wilson bridge From there, it is still took another hour to get home. You shuffled through my phone, Like you always... Continue Reading →


A Fighter’s Story: Recovery

  Two fighters in the ring. The champion with the belt And the opponent with not a thing. Nothing but a dream. To be like his brother Dean. Who at eighteen, boxed a mighty scene. And at nineteen, Died a victim in a murder scene. It was too much for their poor mother Too much... Continue Reading →

Praying For Revenge

Preface In January of 2009, I moved to the beautiful city of Houston. At the time I was eighteen. I had always had love for the city and during the time I lived there I fell absolutely in love with it. I loved my family there but there was more to it. From the food... Continue Reading →

El Camion

It’s been over three years since I last drove “El Camion”. El camion is what we all call a GMC W4500 in our company. It translates to big truck or in this case a box truck. Not much had changed with el camion, but boy did I do a lot of growing these past three... Continue Reading →

The Timeless Pond

When I was about seven or eight, I would walk on a wooded trail behind our house. The trail lead to a secluded pond, And next to the pond sat a giant old tree stump, It served as my bench and my drawing desk. Twenty years later, I reminisce those times, And wished I was... Continue Reading →

The Broken Father

The parking lot was more vacant than he expected.  He only got a two second glimpse down the parking lot strip before having his view obscured by a group of trees. However, it was just enough to see that only three more cars had checked in since his last drive down that road.  It was... Continue Reading →

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