The Obnoxious Boss

  Oh Mr. Turkey neck It takes an eagle to be a leader You may puff your chest and shake your wattle But your orders will be nothing more than a pathetic gobble Sure you may have some chickens and pigeons That may listen to your bitching But amongst that crowd Are owls, hawks and... Continue Reading →


Singer by the Pier

  There are many places a road could lead you They could lead you to a loved one or an adventure where strangers may greet you Some of the best roads lead you to a foreign land While others take you back to where a memory once began Southern Maryland has many extraordinary roads to... Continue Reading →

The Manifestation of the Heart 

You used to give your heart to everyone   You would break a piece off In exchange for a piece of theirs But never received any in return Instead you were left with a heart with many holes to fill Cracks, Voids, And fractures. Its a miracle you’ve made it this far But your survival instincts... Continue Reading →

Kissing Death

My eyelids shut I can feel the soft hands of death Caressing me Disguised as Everything I ever desired in life I try to walk away but She grabs me And pulls me in for a kiss I taste the sweet taste of whiskey On her lips And suddenly I'm possessed with courage Her long... Continue Reading →

Judgement Day

She speaks Others join in As my mind drifts away My body begs to join To escape this reality But my mind is far too gone It drifts away to a pleasurable place Back to a time Where no worries exist Maybe five years prior No. Even further then that Back to my childhood Maybe... Continue Reading →


Scars are life’s tedious reminders The ones that won’t go away The ones you wish away But are here forever to stay They exist now, But they belong in a different time. Gave birth in a different light That may no longer exist But yet it is still here To remind us of a time... Continue Reading →

Prohibited Love

Do you know why a bird has its wings? There was a time, It didn’t know how to fly It skip around Like the birdbrain chickens that exist today Until one day it saw the sun And fell madly in love It hopped with excitement It hopped on one foot It hopped on the other... Continue Reading →

The Many Caps I’ve Worn

As the son of a business man I learned to view the world as capital Abandoned homes and properties could be flipped to make a profit I learned to have an eye for revenue Evaluates each person’s strength and learn how they are most efficient And meeting people meant networking In the construction industry I... Continue Reading →

Life Before You

  I didn’t know what love was. I was an expert of being handcuffed And bargaining my life with a judge. Nights with no sleep. Along with the rest of the inmates. I confess I was in pain, Oppressed by the context, Reflected by my mistakes. I’d laid in bed as I prayed to God.... Continue Reading →

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