What keeps us awake at night? It is never the comfort we find in the delight and gratification of our success.  It is never our inner peace or self validation that cradles us to sleep and gives us reassurance.  No.  What keeps us awake at night is the chaos that harbors in our heads that no one else knows.  The voices of condemnation. The whispers of denial and the yells of disappointment.  The laughter of anxiety ridiculing us through the small cracked door in our closet.  The shadows of the sins from our past haunting us as they stalk us from outside our window.  But through all the chaos manifesting in our room, there is still a tiny voice of hope.  A voice desperate to be heard. And that voice is the only thing that is keeping us from going completely mad.

Poet and writer Brian Monge has grown to the familiarity of laying awake late into the night in his bed as thoughts and reflections roam through his head.  From the struggles of his alcoholism leading him into the beds of jail cells and rehab, to the conflicts of running a small business, he had diverted those emotions and experiences into his poetry.  Embark with him through his journey of alcohol, jail, love and recovery.  Be ready to be moved by his words and compelled by his poetry.

Second poetry book in the works.  Untitled.  Coming soon!