Singer by the Pier



There are many places a road could lead you
They could lead you to a loved one
or an adventure where strangers may greet you

Some of the best roads lead you to a foreign land
While others take you back to where a memory once began

Southern Maryland has many extraordinary roads to offer
Like route 6, a long but vigorous road
Take it down south until the road is no more
And you will find one of southern Maryland’s beautiful eldest soul

An island so magical for many to see
With local shops and restaurants with plenty to eat
A strip walked by many, each creating a memory
Each with their own history, each their own melody

Fathers and sons bond over a drink
The football team celebrate over their victorious win
Neighbors talk with one another from the comfort of their porch
And kids chase the ducks in front of the old church

Its a lovers secluded paradise
Where they hold hands till the couple must say their farewell goodbyes
They look into their eyes one last time
Before they end their well cherished good night

But as families leave and others come
There are some that remain alone
Like the shabby lonely singer
Who sings to make little money of his own

An aspiring old beggar who sees it all
He has seen it all in his life
And sees all that walk by
He’s lost it all to drinking and feeling high
But he’s back on track to make his wrongs to right

He sings and performs
To the fortunate crowd that casually roams
But after giving them all his best performance
He has yet made enough money to make it back home

He continues to sing,
Fingers trembling on the old guitar strings
The cold wind has now reached his bones
But he’s not giving in until a few more dollars are put in

Couples continue to pass by
Families pass by too
Laughing and living the moment
Bringing the question if he has anyone to live for too

He reminisced a time
When he was in love with someone too
When he once walked these same piers
And he repeatedly said “I love you”

But that was a long time ago
Long before his troubling ways
Right before he stood on that bridge
On that cold October day

From where he stood he could glance at the bridge
Debating whether or not he made the right call that night
Or should he go back to binging the drink
To feel at calm just for tonight.

But in his heart, he knew what he had to do
To prove to his loved ones he was no longer the wasted fool

He picked up his guitar and the little ones he had
Picked up the hat and put it all in his tore up book bag

And as he left, he took one last look at the dubious bridge
And promised never again to fall victim to it
For he was a new man with a purpose in life
A new man with focus and ready to fight

So he walked the same old road
That many before him had taken before
Some returning
And others who have come to explore

Although he was unsure where the road may take him
He knew one thing,
That nothing will no longer ever break him


Written on October 24, 2017


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