2007, in my mind, was not that long ago. 

Yet here we are, ten years later 

Many summers have gone by

And Many Christmases. 

Many lessons learned

Some more impactful than others
I drive back and forth

down the same roads

I did ten years ago

I still see the same old buildings 

The ones that were knocked down in the tornado 

That struck a year prior to me moving here  

I still pass by the prison like building

I once called a high school 
But still

I wonder if I’ve changed

Wonder if I am still that same teenage boy 

Who kept to himself 

The one who felt like he never quite fitted in
Truth is, 

It’s more complicated than a simple yes or no 

It’s true 

Back then, I didn’t fit in

And I still don’t. 

The difference between now and then is

Back then I used to try to fit in 

I tried to change who I was in order to fit with the crowd 


I seek others like me

I seek others who have gone through what I’m going through 

I seek their wisdom 

I seek their knowledge 
Back then

I sought for acceptance 

Now I seek to lead 

I seek to teach 

I seek to inspire 
Like my father always had said

“There’s levels to this”

And to be honest

It took me a while to fully comprehend it

I get it now dad

I get it. 


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