The Manifestation of the Heart 

You used to give your heart to everyone   You would break a piece off

In exchange for a piece of theirs

But never received any in return

Instead you were left with a heart with many holes to fill



And fractures.
Its a miracle you’ve made it this far

But your survival instincts kicked in

You needed something to fill those holes

To fill those voids

To replace that pain
So you were forced to grow a stone cold heart.

Each betrayal adding a layer of rugged crust

Each heartbreak forced through an arctic storm

Each storm colder than the last
And in the end you survived

You realized the strong woman you’ve been this whole  time.

Your kindness was your strength

And your ability to forgive others embraced your courage

But above all, your quest to LOVE yourself became your true power.
Slowly but surely,

That thick crust of hate and resentment began to shed.

The icy blanket of snow began to melt

And that layer of stones and rubbish slowly decomposed into soil

And from that soil

The soil that was once possessed with pain and resentment

Had now become the fertilization of your new love.

Roots of admiration blossomed into a garden of love.


A garden I now visit daily

A garden I water with my love

And cherish with my soul.


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