The Many Caps I’ve Worn

As the son of a business man
I learned to view the world as capital
Abandoned homes and properties could be flipped to make a profit
I learned to have an eye for revenue
Evaluates each person’s strength
and learn how they are most efficient
And meeting people meant networking

In the construction industry
I developed an eye for design
Learned to appreciate the architectural creativity behind it
As well as understand the structural purpose
I’d study the influences behind the design
Whether it were
Cape cod
Or victorian
Just to name a few
Each style has it’s history and characteristics that made it so admirable and respected

As an alcoholic
I learned the affect of set backs and failures
I learned of the dangers of excessive behaviors
The importance of time and time wasted
But most importantly
I learned to not accept my failures and defeat
To define who I am

As a writer
I learned to embrace my past
The good and the bad
I learned that everything I was in the past
Has made me the person I am today
And by learning to accept myself
I learned to understand others
Their hardships,
Their struggles
Their motivation
Their self-purpose

Out of the hats that I’ve worn in the past
I’ve enjoy wearing the writers cap
Just like many in the past have worn
I can name many more
But those are the ones sitting on my coffee table right now
As I write this

As a writer Ive learned to view the world
From a watchers point of view
Like the camera men form National Geographic
Only instead of a camera
I record everything on my notepad
I listen
I hear
I find inspiration
Where others just see a random person
A stranger
A stranger to me, could mean a protagonist
Or antagonist
I seek to understand the desire of mankind
And what drives them to their actions
Whether they become the president of the United States
Or a small town serial killer
Because everyone has a story
I am here to expose that story
And bring awareness to their journey of struggle
So you the readers can glorify their road to victory
Because a victory for them
Is a victory for us



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