Prohibited Love

Do you know why a bird has its wings?
There was a time,
It didn’t know how to fly
It skip around
Like the birdbrain chickens that exist today

Until one day it saw the sun
And fell madly in love

It hopped with excitement
It hopped on one foot
It hopped on the other
But no matter how much
The bird hopped,
The sun never noticed

The bird came up with another scheme
And spend the following days
Teaching itself how to sing.

The sun came up,
Like it did every morning.
The bird groomed its feathers
and began to serenade the sun
It whistled, it chirped.
and tweeted with so much effort.
But no matter how much the bird sang,
The sun never noticed.

Defeated and heartbroken,
The bird retreated to its nest
To cry.
Down and without hope
The bird took one last look at the sky
And jumped to his miserable death
But at the last second regretted his decision.
In desperation it flapped its wings
And to his surprise it could fly.

“I can fly” it thought
as it cheered with joy
This meant it could fly to the sun
And finally declare its love.

The next morning
The sun came up
Like it always did
And the bird took flight
It flapped its wing as hard as it could
and jetted straight to the sun
It wings gave out
So it landed to rest
And gave the flight another try
It did this all day
Eager to reach the sun
But at the end of day
The sun vanished for the night
Without once again, noticing the poor, little bird.

Till this day
The bird hops, sings and flies towards the sky
In hopes to one day declare its love for the sun

Like that bird,
I too
Seek for your love.


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