Kissing Death

My eyelids shut
I can feel the soft hands of death
Caressing me
Disguised as
Everything I ever desired in life
I try to walk away but
She grabs me
And pulls me in for a kiss
I taste the sweet taste of whiskey
On her lips
And suddenly
I’m possessed with courage
Her long serpent like neck
And hovers next to my ear
“Don’t think, just do”
She whispers
“But I…”
A tentacle beneath her dress
And covers my mouth
“Don’t think, just do…”
She whispers
“Don’t think just do…”
I stare back at death
She has more tentacles
than I remember
And her face
Is now of a serpent
I lean towards her
And without thinking
I kiss her once again
Tasting the sweet whiskey
From her scaly,
Deceiving lips


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