The guilt of a writer at 1 am

When not a single word is written

Or a masterpiece is compose

His heart is anything but smitten

when an inspiration could not come close
He rest his head on the pillow

With only one thing in mind

To let his potential thrill go

Or let his imagination unwind
He thinks of the “what ifs” and “could have beens”

And the riches they could have brought

As well as the kings and hooligans

And the morals those characters would have taught
He fears the lack of a plot with a twist

and the opportunity of all the success he would miss
But it appears that with a stroke of his wrist

His worries are now vanquished to a mist.
With the aid of his magical pen

His ideas can now come to life.

Even if they descend to a tragical end

He writes all night with true delight
For a true writer can not sleep

If his beloved pen is still full of ink.

For as long as his beloved pen is full of ink

The writer has the night with plenty to think.


2 thoughts on “WRITER’S GUILT 

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  1. Dear Brian M.,

    I’m K&L, the Founder & CEO of the Millionaire’s Digest Magazine, and I’ve accepted you to become a writer for our Stories Magazine.

    Now what happens next is that there really is nothing that happens next. Another words, there is no invitation that you have to go and check to confirm. This is just my letter as the CEO, to let you know that you have been accepted onto our magazine team!

    The only thing that changes now is that at the beginning of every month (usually on the first day), you will receive our Millionaire’s Digest magazine invitation in your email, which will include the following:
    -Which magazine edition we are coming out with next.
    -Who the magazine is for. (Which magazine writers is it for.)
    -How to submit you articles.
    -Where to go to submit your articles.
    -When the last day is to turn in your articles.
    -How long your articles need to be.
    -And everything else that you will have questions for!

    Other than that, if you have any other questions, you’re always welcome to ask me, and I will kindly do my best to help get them answered for you!

    Have a nice rest of the day and thank you!

    Millionaire’s Digest Magazine Founder & CEO

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