A Fighter’s Story: Recovery



Two fighters in the ring.
The champion with the belt
And the opponent with not a thing.
Nothing but a dream.
To be like his brother Dean.
Who at eighteen,
boxed a mighty scene.
And at nineteen,
Died a victim in a murder scene.
It was too much for their poor mother
Too much for her poor heart,
Who’s poor health had declined,
And demanded more help.
She cried and she mourned
Over the son she adored
No matter what she did
Her son the boxer would never return.
Mike the brother was hurt the most,
Almost died twice from an overdose.
Tried it much more than his mother knows.
But finally decided on another course.
He picked up the gloves,
And he picked up his head.
And headed to the punching bag
Hanging in his mothers shed.
Three years later,
He had finally made it.
The champ was in front of him
And the the title was for the taking.
In round four,
He had a cut above the brow
The champ had head butted Mike.
But was not enough to call it foul.
In round eight,
Mike fought for his faith.
He thought of his poor mother,
And the sacrifices she had made.
His moment was now.
Not a second to spare.
He connected his punch,
As it shook the champ’s hair.
The crowd grew loud and wild
As the champ wobbled his knees
Mike threw another mighty punch
And the champ dropped with ease.
The fight was over,
He was out cold.
He was the new champion
So he was now told.
He turned to his mother,
Who had the biggest smile on her face.
“This is for you” he said
As he wrapped the belt around her waist.


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  2. Hey Brian,

    I am so sorry that I messed that up! I went back to make sure I added you to the right magazine, and you asked to write for the Stories Magazine, not the Successful Living Magazine, so I take full responsibility for messing that up.

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