Praying For Revenge

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In January of 2009, I moved to the beautiful city of Houston. At the time I was eighteen. I had always had love for the city and during the time I lived there I fell absolutely in love with it. I loved my family there but there was more to it. From the food trucks to the music, Houston had this culture that naturally drew me in. But even the most beautiful creations on Earth have an ugly side, and Houston was no acception. In October of 2009, my cousin Wilson, and some close friends were mourning over the death of a classmate. She was sixteen and her twenty year old boyfriend had killed her. We attended her funeral. It was a close casket funeral and I couldn’t even imagine the pain and agony all her friends and family were going through. I never got to meet her but I saw how much she meant to Wilson and my other friends. Although she was gone, the love everyone had for her was heavily present that day.
I would like to take this time to give my condolences to the family, and even though it happened more than eight years ago, one can never fully heal from losing a loved one like that. She has served as an inspiration to write this story. I love my sisters and wouldn’t know what to do if I ever lost them. I explored the thoughts and emotions a brother would go through after losing their sister in such a vicious manner, thus this story was born. Again, my intentions are to not offend anyone who have ever lost a loved one. If you liked to learn more about the victim that inspired this short story, click the link below.

Praying for Revenge
Andrès dragged the body of his captive into the abandon building. Tied up and with his mouth taped, he complies, barely resisting the struggle. He drags him through the dirty concrete floor- covered with broken liquor bottles, burned candles, and what smells like rat piss- until finally they reach the rear end of the building. He removes the tape off his mouth and without warning, Andres punches him. Making it clear there will be no mercy tonight. The punch landed just a little above the captive’s eye. The captive remained on the floor as Andrès took a few step towards one of the rear windows. He wiped the dust off of the window with the end of his sleeve, in order to monitor any unwanted visitors coming into the building. The whole building was dark, except for the little sunlight coming through the dusty windows. He faces the captive and begins to speak.
“I’ve prayed to God for this day. I’ve prayed to God to come down himself and bring his wrath of justice upon you!!” Andrés yelled at him with such conviction in his voice that it echoed throughout the building.
He stared at the his captive, looking for a response but there was none. There was a pause. He regained his composure and started addressing him again.
“They say God works in mysterious ways. That he sets everything in motion so they fall on their own like a line of dominos.” He waved his arm across as if knocking down invisible dominos.
“Well, after years of tears and unanswered questions, I have finally found my purpose. “ he said as he grinned at him with satisfaction.
“I have found the reason God put me on this Earth. In the middle of this turmoil and people living life with no consequence. People just go around, doing as they please without taking into consideration if it would hurt others or not. Well no more! No, I have found my purpose” Grinning once again, staring right into his captives eyes.
“And my purpose in this life is to kill you.”
He pulled the captive by the hair and raised his gun to his captive’s head; right next to his temple. Unable to go anywhere and with his hands blinded together, he grinded his teeth and accepted his faith.
“Go ahead, you really think you have the balls to be a killer? You really think you have the balls to be what I am?” Asked the captive. His eyes locked on Andrès’s. Andrès broke the intense eye contact, flashing his eyes away for a split second and then locking them back at him, hoping the captive didn’t notice…but he did.
“I will never be what you are” his face full of disgust backed up his opposition .
“You’re a fucking monster, oblivious of any compassion. Unworthy of any mercy. Undeserving of any chance to live.”
“Go ahead, pull the trigger then!” He yelled.
“But just be prepare of what comes next. Oh?… Have you not gone that far with your plan in that little crap bucket you call a head? Well let me tell you what comes next…”
“Shut up!” Andrès cut him off.
“I don’t give a fuck what happens after this, all I care is that you know what fear feels like. I want to see you beg for your ignoble life you fucking vermin!”
“You asking me to beg or are you asking me what it looked like before I killed your sister?” The sunlight through the window barely hit the captive’s face but it was just enough to see that despicable smirk on his face.
Andrès froze. He was frozen with what to do. For the longest time, he had avoided even trying to think of his sister. He turned away from his sister’s murderer. Theres no way in hell he would allow him to see his pain. “I will not give him that satisfaction” he thought. But the pain was just to grave. Just the mention of his sister left him powerless and he had no choice but to think of her. So many nights he had cried, so many nights he missed talking to his sister, wishing he could spend just one more day with her; just to tell her how much he loved her.
At a young age, his mother raised him and all his siblings on the importance of family. They would repeatedly be reminded of how they only have each other and to always be there for each other. Andrés being the eldest, was placed with the responsibility to always be protective of his sisters.
“I don’t want you to end up like me and my siblings. Theres no love between us, only grudge and animosity.” She would tell them.
“Me and your uncle Benito were this close” she would lockeboth her index finger and middle finger together, demonstrating the unbroken bond they once had.
“But because of misunderstandings and pride, we don’t even talk anymore. Promise me you will never be like this. Promise me you will always be there for each other no matter what” she would beg in her native language from Mexico. They all promised. Since then, they were sealed with this obligation. She went as far as to name her after him, Andrea. He was three when she was born.
When Andrea was five, she and Andrés shared a room together and although he was the older one, he traded his big bed for her twin bed, just to make sure she slept well (and so she wouldn’t fall off the bed). One night, he awoke to her sobs. He was alarmed and worried that she may had fallen off the bed. She was still in bed. She was sitting up with her face in her hands. Earlier that day, they had watched Selena and she was crying at the fact that Selena had died. Andrés could still remember the pink Minnie Mouse pajamas she wore. He jumped out his bed and hopped next to her to console her. He told her that Selena was now her guardian angel and she was now looking after her. At the thought of that, she found peace, closed her eyes and went to sleep.
In elementary school, when Andrea was seven, she was approached by two classmates, a boy and a girl, who picked on her for playing alone. Andrés found her crying, hidden under a tree towards the back of the playground. When she told him what had happened to her, he quickly went out searching for them. He confronted them and instead of receiving an apology, they laughed at his face for defending her. He had promised himself to protect his sister no matter what. He knew that if he were to leave now, they would continue bullying his sister and she would be hurt once again. Knowing what he had to do, he took a deep breath and went for the punch. Till this day, he’s not sure if he had a sick punch combo, just lucky, or just crazy. What he does know is the girl (who was much taller than he was) ended up with a bloody nose and the boy ended up running away. His mother received a phone call from the principal. The whole day Andrés had felt proud of what he had done and thought his mother would feel the same way. He was wrong. When he got home, his mother met him with an ass whooping. Although he tried to plead his case, and explain it was in order to defend his sister, his mother wasn’t having it. To her, violence was wrong, no matter what the reason was. It was about a week before Andrés was able to put a shirt again without the fabric rubbing on his skin burning him due to the lashes of his mother’s belt.
In middle school, boys would chase Andrea. And in high school, thats when Andrea met her boyfriend… the one that not only would take her heart, but take her life as well.
Wiping his tears and regaining his composure he turned to his captive.
“How dare you fucking bring her up?” He asked angrily raising his gun at him, straightening his posture as if to intimidate him.
The captive chuckled; amused by Andrès grit.
“She fucking trusted you! She loved you! I loved her!” Tears pour out of his eyes, unable to hold them back any longer.
“That bitch didn’t love me, she wanted to leave me!” He yelled.
This infuriated Andrés. Without giving it a second thought, he launched at the captive and started to deliver a fury of punches. He continued to attack him and right before the captive passed out he stopped.
“No… I want him to be awake before he pulled the trigger” he thought menacingly.
He pulled the gun out once again and played it on his upper thighs. He remained on his knees as he stared onto the concrete floor, reconsidering what he was about to do. “I should have been there for you” he silently apologized to Andrea.
The captive just watched him as Andrés stared onto the dark floor. He could feel broken glass underneath his body. A jagged piece had puncture the side of his rib. With the little range he had, he searched for a broken piece with his hands, knowing damn well this was his last hope of escaping.

Earlier that year, Andrea and her parents had been looking for potential schools for her to go college. Like the beautiful soul she was, she always had others on her mind. She wanted to help others in need, so naturally the thought of being a nurse attracted her. They looked around schools closest to them and they finally agreed on a school about three hours from where they lived.
Andrea always prayed to God to guide towards the right direction. There was even a prayer she would always recite:

“Dear Lord,
Please give me the strength, 
To face the day ahead.
Dear Lord,
Please give me the courage, 
As I approach each hurting bed.
Dear Lord,
Please give me the wisdom
With every word I speak.
Dear Lord,
Please give me the patience,
As I comfort the sick and the weak.
Dear Lord,
Please give me assurance, 
As the day slips into the night.
That I have done the best I can,
That I have done what is right.”

Still on his knees he cried thinking about this. “As the day slips into the night, that I have done the best I can. That I have done what is right”. He recited that part over and over agin.
“Andrea would not want me to do this” he thought, ashamed of himself. He lifted the gun up and stared at it with disgust. He wanted to kill him so bad, to bring the same amount of pain to him as he had brought to him, but in the end, the pain would still be there. In the end, it would not be right.
Wiping his tears, he did what he thought was his only option at that point. He picked up his phone and dialed 911.
“Hello? Yes. I liked to get police officers here to my location. Im here at..” He stated his location, but right as he was about to finish, the captive launched at him, knocking the phone to the ground as he begun to struggle for his life.
“I knew you was a bitch and wouldn’t go through” he yelled as he enjoyed his turn of delivering punches for once. Andrés did his best to block his face with his arms, but his body was left exposed. He howled as the captive stomped his ribs. He kicked back at his knees, sending the captive down, just enough to buy him some time to get up.
The captive laid on his knees as Andrés stood up, holding his ribs. He took a step towards him but the pain in his ribs were too much, he had to take a second to ease the pain. Seizing his opportunity, the captive swung at Andrés’s jaw, knocking down on the floor. Dazed and oblivious, Andrés remained on the ground, struggling to recover.
The captive walked towards where the gun had landed, searching until he finally found it. He picked it up, unfazed with the cold steel wrapped in his palm. It wasn’t the first time he had held one. He limped over to Andrés.
“I loved your sister!” He shouted. “Yes, I loved her, she was the one for me. The only one!! And she… she didn’t feel the same.” He began to sob, reminiscing Andrea.
“You see, once you have killed someone, your life is never the same. Is like the devil knows you’ve committed the sin and now knows your soul belongs to him.” Unable to control his emotions, he begins to act hysterical.
“I see him. I see him in my dreams. I see Andrea too. His demons mock me and torture me until I wake up drenched in sweat. All day I have these thoughts. I can’t escape them.” Fear had taken over his face. Fear Andrés had never seen on him, or no one for that matter until now.
“You want to be a killer so bad huh? Well just be prepared for what happens afterwards. Believe me, you don’t want this. You don’t want to be the devil’s puppet. And I don’t want to either no more.”
With that, he raised the gun to his hand and pulled the trigger. His body drops, followed by a loud thump.
Shocked, Andrés just crawls backwards towards the rear wall of the building.
Red and blue lights start flashing through the window. He gets up and sees the police coming in. As he is looking around, a tiny sparkle catches his eyes in the sky. Out of all the stars, one shines brighter than the others. Almost unreal but he knew exactly what it was. He realizes that after all these years, Andrea was now the one protecting him. She was his guardian angel.



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